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    About G&P solar
    About G&P Solar

    What many don’t realise is that most of the products we now use in our daily lives to help save the environment are made using processes that actually harm it. As the world increasingly grapples with its very future, this paradox must be addressed.

    With this in mind, in the region now dealing most with the difficult balance of industry and ecosystem, a diverse group of scientists and technologists were assembled in the industrial heartbeat of the modern world, China. They shared a single vision: to harness Chinese manufacturing and technological power to create a range of clean energy products that don’t simply meet global standards of sustainable business practice, but push them further forward. Introducing G&P Solar.

    Pioneering the latest state-of-the-art technologies, G & P designs, develops and produces high quality solar solutions that are now revolutionising the lives of businesses and homes around the world, at the same time as revolutionising the photovoltaic industry itself. It’s a bold mission: to be the world’s largest supplier of solar cells, products and solutions; to set the standards of sustainable manufacturing practice; and to help preserve our world for future generations. But it’s an ambition already being realised, and one you can be a part of.