Light up your world… without destroying it.
    Whether it’s to light up the living room, or turn your garden area into a sunset soiree, G&P have the lighting solution for you…
    Though we may take their role in energy consumption for granted, window blinds are a crucial factor to household and business energy consumption; saving energy in cooling by blocking the sun’s heat, or alternatively providing natural - free – light. But what happens when the sun goes down? G&P have pioneered a remarkable innovation that ironically uses the power of the sun to keep powering your life with clean green energy, long into the night!
  • GP-SLB
    How does it work?
    The blinds are lined with solar cells which capture the light and store its converted energy properties in a small battery concealed in the top of the blinds. At night, the charge from this battery can then be sent to electroluminescent neon foil that is also lining the blinds. This foil is soft fabric which omits a soft glow when combined with an electrical current. The more blinds in the set, and the more sets in the room, the stronger the light. In a room installed with full sets of the solar blinds, you can choose from soft ambient light to a fully lit area.
    How does it look?
    One of the reasons why G&P have surged ahead of their competitors is not only their dedication to technological innovation at competitive pricing, but their understanding that solar products must not only incorporate functionality in customers’ lives, but visually integrate into the environments they become part of. G&P solar blinds are beautifully and sleekly designed, meaning that reducing your world’s energy consumption doesn’t compromise its style!