Light up your world… without destroying it.
    Whether it’s to light up the living room, or turn your garden area into a sunset soiree, G&P have the lighting solution for you…
    The amazing grid-tied inverter is, to put it mildly, a phenomenal innovation, and a true asset to the global transition to clean energy. It allows a direct connection between the DC solar output of your solar modules to the home or business’ AC power grid. The result has changed the way we view energy consumption. Why?
  • GP-GTI-5000
    • Utilises MPPT technology for maximum output power.
    • Multiple communication via RS232, RS485 (optional).
    • Anti-islanding; overload, overheat and overvoltage protection
    • Plug connectors for input and output; easy to install and maintain
    • Easy to use LCD monitor.
    • Modern design, compact and lightweight
      IT’S SIMPLE!
      Unlike traditional AC solar systems, energy from the solar panels goes directly to the inverter – no need for batteries or a charge controller!
        The Grid-Tied Inverter connects to the standard power grid, creating a perfect balance between prioritising clean solar energy and relying on traditional electricity only when needed.

        And in many countries, this system then allows residences and businesses to sell their energy to the utility grid – not just saving money, but effectively making it!