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    Giving you more power for the road, wilderness and ocean.
    PVC Solar Panels
    Introducing a new era in solar technology....
  • GP-PVC
  • Until now, solar panel units have been made predominantly of glass encasing. These provide efficiency and minimum environmental
    harm – but G&P pride themselves on looking beyond today’s solar technology to tomorrow’s innovations. The portable PVC solar panel has arrived.

    The good news is that not only does the PVC solar panel further minimise negative environmental impact, but so too does it increase efficiency and practicality in everyday use.

      Crafted by a specially assembled industrial design team, the panel is not only smaller, but sleeker.
        We’ve developed some all-new features, such as the LED battery capacity display, so you know exactly how much power your panel is providing.
          IT’S SAFER!
          Glass solar panels are made to fold outwards, exposing the panels themselves; but PVC technology allows the panels to fold inwards, better protecting them between use.
            IT’S MORE ADAPTABLE!
            With so many possible uses, the PVC panel features extra accessories for outdoor application. And its foldable steel brackets make it easy to position the panels for best exposure.
              IT’S LIGHTER!
              The PVC casing cuts the weight up to the panels for best exposure. 50%, drastically changing the panel’s mobility and practicality.