Innovative Liefstyle Products
    Stay green. Keep connected. Be powerful.
    Many outdoor products ignore that they are for just that – outdoors – and lack the durability required to weather the elements; but G&P have developed and rigorously tested their outdoor solar products to withstand any climate. Using the latest in solar innovation, they use minimal energy to keep shining long after the sun has stopped! And with their stylish and compact design, they fit perfectly in any garden or outdoor environment.
    This incredible solar bag allows you to stay connected with your technology, wherever the sun shines in the sky! Perfect for phone and laptop, the panels are built into this sleek and stylish bag; simply unfold and position for best exposure, or even power up while you’re wearing it! The panel can be folded twice to save space, and its wide range voltage output makes it perfect for phones, cameras or laptops.

    Its compact battery unit means that you can store power for use on rainy days or nights, and has a range of safety protection devices to protect it from damage. Best of all, G&P have developed a low self-discharge that allows you to store power for one year without losing any power!

  • Power: 20W (5Wx4), 24V
  • Size: 200 x 290 x 50mm (folded)
    400 x 620 x 35mm (unfolded)
  • Weight 950g
  • Full charged time of 3 -5 hrs in strong light
  • LED charging indicator
  • USB output