Understanding Solar Energy
    Types of Solar Panels
    Types of Solar Panels
    Individual use panels
    G&P sell many products designed to power singular appliances, such as the exciting new iPhone solar charger, or the various compact portable panels. These panels have a set watt output that you can match to what you need to power. They maintain this specific level by only outputting the power when it reaches enough to release this wattage, and limiting anything above. So, if you’re looking for a portable solar panel to power your laptop, check the watts required to do this, and then purchase the appropriate panel.
    Multiple use panels
    For more complex panel systems used to power multiple appliances (often, simultaneously, as well as without sunlight), the role of wattage output into actual appliances takes place between these appliances and solar batteries.

    However, unlike the smaller rechargeable solar battery systems in single unit products or devices where the energy from the panels flow directly into the battery, for larger systems the amount of energy being received will require a Solar Charge Controller to properly maintain this battery. Overcharging batteries this size will significantly reduce the life of the batteries, and can even completely damage them beyond any use. To prevent this, the controller regulates the amount of power going into it from the solar panels.

    For these systems, once the batteries are being regulated by the charge controller feeding the energy from the solar panels into them, you’ll need one more thing for the energy to flow from the batteries to your appliances: an Inverter. Both the solar panels and batteries use Direct Current (DC), but your appliances run on Alternate Current (AC), and most cannot convert these currents themselves. The smaller solar systems invert the current for you; but for larger systems, you will require an inverter unit, using either a Modified Wave Inverter, a Pure Sine Wave Inverter, or the incredible Grid-Tied Inverter.

    And now you’re ready to start exploring the exciting new world of G&P’s very latest in solar energy solutions! We’ll explain the various benefits and purposes of each of our technologies as we go along, allowing you to create the perfect solar package tailored to your individual needs. Get ready for your future to begin…. today.