Light up your world… without destroying it.
    Whether it’s to light up the living room, or turn your garden area into a sunset soiree, G&P have the lighting solution for you…
    G&P boast the world’s most innovative and environmentally friendly panels, with the widest range of voltage outputs and sizes. No matter what your needs, we’ve got something to suit.
  • GP-SPP
  • G&P have a wide range of panels for use in grid and off-grid AC systems for home and business. You can tailor a combination of both size and watt capability for whatever you need to use or sell. From 10 to 300W panels, there's really no other options any competitor can offer. They're made from the very latest monocrystalline technology, and boast the most sustainable manufacturing processes in practice. And for the ultimate look, be sure to check out our sleek new black panel models!
  • GP-SPM
  • Solar panels are generally highly visible on the home, which is why G&P have focused on effective technology without forgetting the importance of design. G&P panels are the sleekest, most stylish panel on the market, and now come in this unique black model that has been specifically developed by G&P. They don't simply look less invasive than other panels, they exude a style that will be the envy of your neighbours or loved by your customers!